When an under-aged girl performs a BJ leaving her lips all crusty like an unwanted donut that when you see them you puke and die a little on the inside!!!
YO man, I just saw some skank with a fresh pair of crusty lips!!!
by Random D-BAG March 23, 2010
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a man who is described to be crusty with abnormally over larged butt lips. micropenis and gap teeth and choc-o-lat are normally side effects of the crusty butt lips syndrome.
john: dude, get some chap stick for your crusty butt lips.

jeffrey: i hate my life.
by crustybuttlips October 12, 2009
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lips that need to have their own skin care because they’re as ashy as ur mom and flake like mozzarella
I use her crusty ass lips as cheese whenever I forget to buy some more mozzarella for my spaghetti
by daddypig January 4, 2022
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person1: omg look at shigaraki!!! hes so cute
person2: meh he has crusty musty lips
by sxmp August 13, 2021
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