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Verb: Sexual activity involving feces, similar to the Cleveland Steamer
-Find a victim that has passed out with their shoes on. Be sure to bring plenty of Seran Wrap.

-Form two piles of feces on your victims chest, one over each pectoral area.

-Cross your victims arms over their chest, placing their hands directly over the feces, forming a Bowl.

-Proceed to cover the victim from their waist, and upwards, with Seran Wrap, enveloping their elbows and restraining upper-body movement in general.

-Form a Cone with the Seran Wrap, channeling all airflow from the chest (including fumes emanating from the shit) across the nostrils and directly over the face.

End result will look similar to a cross between a mummy and a dog wearing a cone to stop him from biting himself.
"Homie passed out with his shoes on, yo! I'ma make sure when he gets up tomorrow, he has a Crude Awakening!"
by qyj0L April 12, 2010
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