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People who would have you believe that global temperatures have risen thirty degrees fahrenheit in the last eighty years, that their studies aren't just selective of which areas of the earth they monitor temperatures for, that perturbations in the earth's rotation have nothing to do with the occasional extreme weather conditions, that it's not true that the earth has experienced far warmer conditions centuries ago than it is now, that in only a few generations man has nearly destroyed a planet that has run itself just fine for a very long time, that all people who work for fossil fuel companies are incredibly evil demons, and that any scientists who are actually qualified to speak on this and don't agree with them are morons and are only a "few" simple-minded people, despite them winning international science awards and having more college degrees than you can imagine.
And they would have you believe all of this at the same time that their partner politicians can use such in their political agendas.
They'd also you rather not mention how much money will be going their way to "stop global warming".
They require no facts to back up their claims, as they can invent them at will. And don't you dare question these facts! You've never tested carbon samples collected from random ice-burgs in Antarctica!

In simpler terms (which they are incapable of using, because they rely heavily on printing out long reports that these idiots in Washington DC can't understand, and therefore vote 'yes' on the policies without even realizing half the facts in the report are assumptions and the other half are proven wrong), a massive collective of idiots.
"Man, my head is not a pickle!"
"The IPCC says it is, and you're a horribly simple-minded idiot for not agreeing. Now go and vote for the politicians they endorse!"
by STJosh May 16, 2007
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