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Also Known As Mixed Handedness. A Person Who Uses Their Non-Dominant Hand As Their Dominant Hand In Various Activity. There's Only 10% Of People In the World That Is Cross Dominant. For Example, What is most common Cross Dominant People, Left Handers. A Person That Uses Their Left Hand To Writes, Or Eat Food. While They Uses Their Right Hand To Throw, Or Shoot A Basketball, Or Other Physical Activity.
Ron: Are you Left Handed?

Michael: No, I'm Right Handed.

Ron, How Can You Throw The Ball With Your Other Hand?

Michael: It's Because I'm Cross Dominance.

Ron: Oh Wow. Cool!!
by GoFlushYourToilet April 22, 2018
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A Person who jacks off using the opposite hand of their dominant hand (i.e. using the right hand to masturbate when one is left-handed or vice versa).
Bitches love my cross dominance. It's cause my penis bends toward my dominant hand and I can use it to thrust and force her head onto my dick when she deepthroats me.
by throwawayboy June 02, 2014
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