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Derived from the fusion of cronie and broseph, a croseph is a fellow co-worker, friend, or accomplice in any type of nefarious dealings.
1. "Yo croseph, stop working on that excel document and come watch cake farts in my office"

2. Boody: "Yo, croseph, how much will you give me to go drop my nuts on Carol and then make her hum "Lookin boy?"

Broham: "I won't give you anything, but i'm sure she'll give you herpes."

3. "Croseph, help me scam that gaggle of nuss back to your place so I can give one the rooftop rumble"

4. "Do NOT come at me like that, croseph, working more than 4 hours a day is for suckers"
by greatestOfAllTime August 06, 2008
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A big man who peels gunk from underneath your toenails, wears vests and f**ks your girl really slowly. No Kissing.
by Booker Tuber October 06, 2018
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