An amazing and genderless chatacter from the anime Soul Eater. With messy pink hair, black eyes, and black blood. Crona wears a black, dress-like, robe and is a meister. Crona's weapon is his black blood, Ragnarok, who can turn into a sword. His mother is the witch Medusa.
Person1:Wow did you see Crona last night? He kicked ass!
Person2:Crona's a girl!
Person3: Actually, Crona doesn't have a gender.
by RavenTheFallen July 4, 2014
A Pink haired persone that no one knows the gender of and always wears black.

"That person is a crona."
by K Fishy November 22, 2013
Crona Makenshi is a character from the manga and anime Soul Eater. *HE* is technically genderless, but is often referred to as male and uses male pronouns like 'Boku' to refer to himself in the japanese version. He wears a dress/robe like thing most often, and is a meister.

His weapon is a demon sword, Ragnarok, and has a bullying personality, as opposed to Crona's introverted, shy personality. He does not use soul resonance, but uses Scream Resonance, in many forms. Such as, Screech Alpha, Screech Gamma, ect.

He is the son of Witch Medusa, but is taken back to Shibusen after he is defeated in a fight with Maka.

He is best known for his 'Black Blood', which prevents him from injury, as well as providing mild healing, but occaisionally makes him go rather insane.
Random dude: Who's the dude with the pink hair?
Soul Eater Fan: That's Crona Makenshi!
by Demon Weapon Rei Thanos June 17, 2010