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A bogan that has fucked pit hair which reaks, smells and can almost kill someone.
"Check out that cunt over, his got crogpits"
by Shkin June 19, 2018
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The Totalitarian leader of Earth. Crogpits is the highest form of spiritual being. To be ‘Crogpits’ is to be better than anyone else. Crogpits and his trusty left hand man Dedoid did not want to expose their true identities so they replaced them with God and Jesus. These inspiring individuals can be seen in such ‘best selling’ books like ‘The Bible’ or ‘CondyloidRickybogaJohson69’. Crogpits has always preached that he was constantly made to ‘take his trousers down’ when visiting the doctor. He also was very keen on ‘angelic children’. He is proud creator of the disherdrywishermashon.
Jameson: Hullo Sullivan, would u look over there, it’s a lovely little CROGPITS
Sullivan: He is lovely isn’t he. Now I’m off to have sexy time with Stacy and she’s gonna pull my trousers down. Toodleoo
by RickyBogaJohnSingWog December 11, 2018
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