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Crisp Factor refers to the crisp texture or flavor of foods with high water content. The crisp factor scale goes from 1 to zero, not including zero. The closer to zero, the greater the crispness.

The scale is based on a fresh Pink Lady Apple which scores the lowest possible score on the crisp facto scale. A fresh Pink Lady Apple is rated at "the limit as x goes to infinity of 1/x." As a result, the intense crispness of this apple is infinitely close to zero on the Crisp Factor scale.

There is controversy over the lowest crispness food available. However, the banana scores extremely high on the Crisp Factor scale. The banana comes in at "the limit as x approaches pi of sin(x/2)." It is infinitely close to one, but is not one because there is currently research being done to determine the food that will achieve a value of 1 on the Crisp Factor scale.

Liquids can be considered on the Crisp Factor scale. They can be considered based on their crisp flavor.

It should be noted that chips, crackers, and other very crisp foods cannot be rated using the Crisp Factor scale due to their low water content.
T-Bone: This strawberry-lemonade is crisp and refreshing!
2-Jacks: I sure would agree. How would you rate it on the Crisp Factor scale?
T-Bone: I'd give it a 1/26.
by itsbusted September 14, 2014
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