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You find this name unusual when you think of it, a type of guy that sees himself as a nobody in the world and is filled with low self esteem. He would picture what it's like to die at least once, and yet he wouldn't mind taking the risk. He's not like any other. He's a best friend; a guy that will have your back no matter what they are, he will stick with you through thick and thin. And when you try to push him away, he won't try to pull you in, because he knows you'll come back when you need him. He will always be the shoulder to cry on, just by the conversation he gives, you'll fall in love with him without knowing. He's a dad; he can be protective of you no matter where you're going, who you're going with, and when you're coming back. He will treat you like a child calling you cute names till you get embarrassed. He can be the first man that will love you and will always be the last. He will fall in love with every part of your body, because he knows you're insecure about them. In the end, he will never bore you. He can act as a child, but it will be the type of child that you would love to take care of, because he can make you smile. Above all, he's a dreamer and beneath that chest of his is the heart of a prince. He will never give up on you without a fight, a risk, a chance. He will keep pulling you in to his life whether you like it or not, because he has been through a lot. Try finding a guy named Crenzy, he can change your life forever like he did on mine..
Girl1: Did you hear about the new guy named Crenzy?
Girl2: No, why?
Girl1: I hear he's really amazing
Girl2: No way, I'd like to meet him!
by Thomdom0511 February 14, 2013
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