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(Noun) An elite group of males who form a group consisting of creepy individuals. Members are often persecuted by peoples who are not part of the Creep Crew. Common punishments for being in the Creep Crew are, but not limited to: Butt Funnel, Quadruple Butt Funnel, and Elephant Walk.

Members perform rituals similar to that of Freemasons whereas members greet each other using secret handshakes and phrases.

Initiation to the Creep Crew can only be done through a current member/s.
There are a select few of us who think they're better than the rest of us. Would all members of this "Creep Crew" come forward. (Punishment to ensue)
by Knight57 July 04, 2016
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Usually a group of three boys who stalk hot ladies in nightclubs (and sometimes even in the day) and constantly harass them and thus "creep" on them.
Creep crew: "ASHAALEIGH"
Shannon: Shit Ash its the creep crew, run!
by sammysweetheart March 10, 2011
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