Someone so excellent at what they do that they are like a fantasy player created in a sports video game.
LeBron James is a created player.

Usain Bolt is a created player.

I have dated a lot of women over the years, but my girlfriend Ashley is everything I ever wanted and more. From her body to her brains. She is a created player.
by BigMilkyT28 August 25, 2009
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When someone is acting unoriginal; or bland. The term is derived from the "create a player/character" option that is found in many popular video games such as Madden 12. In this sense, a "create a player" is a person that acting as if they this generic template for a customizable character in a video game.
Ah I can't go to the mall, there are many create a players there.
Man, I can’t go to the mall! There are too many create a players there!
by PerezFan01 April 28, 2021
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