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A Creamy Smile is a gesture of satisfaction and gratitude. A Creamy Smile is comprised of the display of happiness and satisfaction through facial gesture and the spoken word of the giver of fellatio to the receiver of fellatio when the nut has been busted. A Creamy Smile may be displayed by a female or male fellatio performer. After providing thorough and complete fellatio, and the female or male giver has received an oral creampie, the giver looks up at the receiver, usually with still some remaining chincicle, and displays a glowing, ear to ear smile of satisfaction and says "Thanks for the feeding" or some other verbiage that references the hot meal they have just been fed. It is only courteous and proper manners that the giver provides a Creamy Smile to the receiver.
Curt: How as your date with Ramona last night Bro!
Denzel: It was a blast, yo! Literally.
Curt: How?
Denzel: She worked my knob over good giving me the best blow job I have ever had.

Curt: Did she like it?
Denzel: Helllzzz yea Bra!!!!! Blew my gobbling goo and she had it all over. But knew she was happy cause I got dat Creamy Smile when she was done!
Curt: That is sweeeeet Bro! Her momma taught her some proper manners!
by Ben Dribblin February 27, 2014
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