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Originating in the early 19th century, the saying "Crazy Shash" became increasingly popular from 1814 onwards. It found its roots in the supposed eccentricity of the fans of Muzio Clementi's Sonata Op. 16 - also known as "La Chasse". If you were a "crazy shash", you had bad taste in music and art, or were just generally insane.
Algernon: Well my word! Henceforth from the fog comes young Jed Swigley! A bully lad if I've ever laid eyes on such!

Bentworth: Why...the chaps at the haberdashery told me he was a damned crazy shash!

Jed: Evening, gents! I should like to offer a cordial invitation to a supper with my multifarious hallucinations. Care to join?

Algernon: By The Queen's Slacks! Let us get out of here; make haste, now
by T.C. Charles Buford II May 01, 2011
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crazy shash is used when someone does the most pysco shit ever like a big kickflip down a ten set or sum shit if someone says you did some crazy shash it menas it was fucken awsome.
Tommo: Oi ribbs how good was that melon grab it was like 10 feet high.
Nathan: Yeah that was crazy shash
Ben: Thanks guys
by Darren Thomson April 26, 2005
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