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Is the definition of a Christian who has literally lost all touch with reality. Instead of using a form of logical thinking to solve problems or to make decisions in life they use a falsely hopeful mentality that God will fix everything wrong in there lives. Truth is they have lost there minds and should no longer be considered normal human beings and should also be admitted to a mental institution.
Example 1:
George: Hey whats up Bob, did you leave your wife after
she cheated on you?

Bob: na, but i prayed about it though, God is faithful, he will work it out!. I'll be fine George dont worry about me.

George: damn mother fucker your fucking up!, i think your a Craztian.

Example 2:

Jacky: Hey Jenny whats up

Jenny: oh nothing my dad wants to kill himself and is strung out on herion and beating me everyday

Jacky: oh shit you need to get the fuck out of there

Jenny: no im praying for his salvation, God will change him.

Jacky: Damn bitch you Craztian.
by Mosh Posh March 12, 2010
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