Having sex; Fucking; the act of engaging in sexual intercourse.
I walked in on my homeboy crashin' my girlfriend, I was so pissed I kicked his ass and dumped her.
by TeeBee July 4, 2007
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Person 1: Yo what’s up how r u?
Person 2: I’m crashin’ happy rn fr.
Person 1: Man that’s great.
by coopwiththephatass April 6, 2020
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making fun of people but you're joking hoping the other dosent get mad
"today at the lunch table everyone was crashin" or "I hope you're not crashin" or "stop crashin"
by destinyghf February 1, 2016
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Yo Patrick im crashin your house at 3.
Yo im crashin see you later
by Big Black One March 11, 2012
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just another way to say your gunna crash the party.
"are you going to the party saturday?"
"hell yeah, im gate crashin that fool."
by tM!CHEllE February 1, 2010
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