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The Crapper Snapper is an act performed during sexual intercourse, and is only possible while in the position popularly known as "doggy-style." The individual who is behind (the "giver" to the "receiver," as it were) takes a rubber-band and pulls it back as far as he (or she, in the event of a strap-on situation) can and snaps the anus of the receiver, thenceforth referred to as the Crapper-Snapped. The point of the Crapper Snapper is three-fold. 1. Maximum disrespect. 2. You must try to stay inside of the Crapper-Snapped's orifice for as long as you can. 3. Fun.
Bob: "I'm going to break up with my girlfriend today, she's so annoying. How can I get her off my case?"
John: "Dawg you need to give that bitch a Crapper Snapper. You snap that woman's crapper and she ain't ever gonna wanna talk to you again, you dig?!"
Bob: "Thanks, man! I'm going to go screw her doggy-style right now!"
by Big D E February 26, 2014
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