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When a person's breath smells like dog shit.
My boss had such a bad case of crap mouth, I almost barfed after he came into my office to talk to me.
After drinking coffee that was quite old, i developed a bad case of crap mouth.
by Doobee1168 August 03, 2009
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1)someone who literally has crap in their mouth
2)Someone who says unneeded or useless words
3) Someone wiht colorful language all the time
4)Someone who lies constantly
Man, that guys eating shit, hes a crapmouth.
Why you say like after everyword, crapmouth?
"'All she does is say "You shit fucker, eat shit fuckface, you bitchass jerkoff!"' 'Damn, what a crapmouth!'
You said you'd pay me back the next day two months ago, an you still haven't paid. You such a crapmouth you little fucker!!!
by J-Wheezey December 16, 2004
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a disgustingly filthy mouth usually consisting of crooked rotten teeth and white pasty crust on the outer lips.
Holy shit Mike check out the crapmouth on that guy!
by Ty 323 March 07, 2007
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