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Crank bugs are not real. Meth user's who are in the advanced stages of meth addiction, feel a tingling sensation on their arms and face and then see hallucinatory bugs and spiders (which really aren't there). They then start digging into and peeling back chunks of their skin and flesh in an attempt to "get at" the little creatures. This creates lots of scabbing, typical on meth addicts. Crank bugs are not your freind. Neither is methamphetamine...Stop using meth!
Man did you see all the scabs on Billy? That dude's been chasing crank bugs big time! I think he needs professional help!
by Johnny D January 31, 2006
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The tiny flashes of light that you see in your peripheral vision shooting across the room like shooting stars when you’ve been up on meth for 5 to 10 days.
Damn! Look at Bill tying to duck the crank bugs!
by Random Zen April 23, 2003
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