A semi-famous player of Zombie Panic: Source. Featured on Source Mod Todd's "Greatest Zombie Killer Challenge". He didn't make #1, but he's still pretty funny and a good zombie killer. Likes to replace 75% of his nouns with "bullshit", "asshole", and "brain dawgs". His famous line is "Cut 'Em Up!" while yelling incoherent swear words.

His site, www.braindawgs.com, is in development. But according to Source Mod Todd, he "contracted a terminal illness" from spending so much time developing the site and clicking "ignore" on all the friend invites he's received recently. The only way to cure this illness is for him to get "1 Million Brain Dawgs".

An interesting character. If you ever find him on Zombie Panic, get ready to hear "asshole" "bullshit" and "cut 'em up" many many times. But you'll love it.
1. Crackbone: "I got them brain dawgs!*"

2. Crackbone: "Cut 'Em up!"

3. Crackbone: "Here's some bullets for your asshole. Take your bullshit and move your asshole. I need some stamina for my asshole!"

Trivia: I've never played Zombie Panic: Source, yet I know all about Crackbone. That makes me cool.

*Brain dawgs is pronounced "Brain Dow-gs"
by Flood_Master7 March 3, 2009
A spent chicken bone, with all the marrow hollowed out and used to smoke crack through.
nigga: Damn! You smokin' a crackbone. That's the most dope shit, I've ever seen.

cracknigga: You'll never see that pussy Obama, do this. He's too good to touch animal by-products.

nigga: It's probably the crack talking?

cracknigga: Wanna blow jay? I could use da green.

nigga: I'm no fag, but yeah suck this shit.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 19, 2010