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A crack potato is simply a baked potato laced with crack cocaine. The lacing can be done by either placing whole crack rocks into the potato, crushing up the rocks and sprinkling them on the potato, or by liquefying crack rocks and spreading it on the potato, much like one would do with butter. The crack potato is considered a delicacy among many inner-city minority populations, mainly those of the African American persuasion.
Urbanite 1: "I heard that DaRashad is having a fancy party in his studio apartment tonight to celebrate his pay raise to $6.75/hr. There are supposed to be some crack potatoes there! Mmmmmmm!"

Urbanite 2: "Hell yeah! I love me some crack potatoes! Lets go nukka!"

Urbanite 1: "To the hooptie!"
by Mr. Krax February 04, 2008
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