Cowboy Dave is a guy so great at his cowboy skills and infinite wisdom in all subjects even the Pope is honoured to bath in his glory!
Cowboy Dave rides a unicycle but can lassoo buffalo and small children from 100 feet.
Plus he is the greatest womaniser in the universe.
Not worthy!!! NOT WORTHY!

All must bow before Cowboy Dave, wait where is he taking that boy?!?
by reado October 20, 2005
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Dave Cowboy is synonymous with the 'One Love Sheriff'. Dave Cowboy rides around the free party on a gust of hot air, proclaiming and spreading love and peace to all revellers. Should any negative vibes frequent the venue, then the One Love Sheriff fluffs them up, whether they like it or not, until they glow pink and lovely in the sunrise at dawn.
Get outta the woods RnB, this dance floor ain't big enough for your attitude and my Dave Cowboy one love magic...
by Echo Green February 23, 2012
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