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YouTube channel started in April 2016 with over 500k subscribers. Known for making lewd and hilarious videos. Most videos include gaming (VR/random/series) , wrong side of YouTube, Amazon Prime Time and Behind the Cow Chop. Includes James(UberHaxorNova), Aleks(ImmortalHD), Trevor(ModestCube), Aron(StaleRender), Joe(MrJoeExtreme) and Brett(HungryHundar).
"Did you see the latest Cow Chop video? They were all such cuties."
"Damn..Trevor from Cow Chop has a such a nice big pussi"
by michelleinvalid October 10, 2016
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Two dumb morons ( Alex(ImmortalHD) and (James,Uberhaxornova) that used to play minecraft now create a subtle youtube channel that is more garbage than the two of them combined.
Dude1: Hey, did you see their cow chops new video?
Dude2: What are you doing in my house
by Fro Gonn October 27, 2017
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