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Possibly the most boring town in Canada.
Located in southern Ontario.
Basically the landing zone for new parents,
If you're going to Durham, good luck getting out of courtice.
Courtice has zero identity, and is full of Hollister/Abercrombie wearing tools.
If you want to have kids and ruin their lives, Courtice is the place to go!
"Where you from?"
"Ohh.. really?"
"No, but for christ sakes at least oshawa stuff to do"

"Where you from?
"Uhhh, this town called courtice.."
"Never heard of it"
"you know oshawa, you know bowmanville"
"yeah we're that space in between"
by fmlfmlfml7777777 April 29, 2010
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also known as hicktown, hickville, and bumfuck, its the most unknown town in Ontario, or quite possible Canada.
other than Leamington.

a suburban community located in Ontario, Canada settled 60 km east of Toronto, adjacent to Oshawa (where most of the crack in Ontario comes from, also known as the Shwa), and west of Bowmanville.

mostly consists of elementary schools:
MOTHER TERESA (catholic)
GOOD SHEPHERD (catholic)

and two high schools:
HOLY TRINITY (catholic)

this towns pretty gay.
we all go to Oshawa for shopping at the Oshawa Centre.
But we call it the OC to make us feel better about our lame lives.
the closest movie theatre is in bowmanville.
either that or you can go to the AMC in Whitby and at least it makes it worth your trip.
dont move here if you dont want people to know you're going out with your best friends brother.
sean: hey
KAYTIE: helloo.
sean: whats up
KAYTIE: nothing, you?
sean: chillin on my non hick town
sean: im sorry but courtice is too easy to make fun of
KAYTIE: not really
sean: ya it is cuz its so small and insignificant
KAYTIE: its so small and awesome
sean: the shwa is crazy
sean?: i guess ive just always lived in the city
KAYTIE: i was born in toronto, but that doesnt change anything
sean: toronto is the greatest
KAYTIE: it is
sean: courtice sucks, toronto has way more to do
KAYTIE: i actually agree to that.
sean: but i went trick or treating in pickering at my grandmas house to be safe
sean: but pickering is turning ghetto now too
KAYTIE: i never liked pickering
KAYTIE: or bowmanville
sean: bowmanville is better then courtice
KAYTIE: no way
sean: they have the duck race :)
KAYTIE: okay we're going to a duck race together, and i dont care what you say.
sean: lmao
by KAYTIEISSKETCHY November 28, 2006
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