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Any piece of art (usually pertaining to music) that conjures the memory and/or emotions evoked from said memory of going to the skating rink, playing video games waiting for the DJ to play that perfect song signaling you to do one of three things:

A. Grab the girl you dig and impress her with your ability to skate backwards slowly while skating with her,

B. Sulk quiletly on the edges of the rink or the dining area longing for someone to couple skate with.

C. Continue whooping ass at Cruisn' USA to hide the pain of not having someone to enjoy the couple-skate with.

Couple-Skate Pop, or CSP, is generally used to negatively categorize bad art. However, because some people (the popular kids) associate pleasant memoies with this term it can be used in a positive way. Franky, this is rarely the case.
"I got the new Bo Bice record and was disapointed to find that it's nothing more than couple-skate pop."
by Clint Wells July 18, 2006
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