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1. When a couple is in their own little "bubble" while speaking to each other and anyone else outside of this "bubble" cannot get through

2. A couple-bubble can range from the two people in the bubble giving responses but unwillingly and half-heartedly because the person outside the bubble is attempting to "pop" the inclusive couple-bubble to being completely ignored
A Couple-Bubble is any couple is able to be put into this catagory, whether labed boyfriend/girlfriend or just "talking".
by xfrannnn March 18, 2010
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When you draw an imaginary boundary around your relationship to help strengthen it by keeping outside intrusions (like work and family) at bay, at least temporarily.
A simple example is a couple with children getting a babysitter and having a 'date night' with each other. Another could be negotiating the number of visits by your in-laws (and how much advice they give!). Keep them out of your Couple Bubble!
by mftmark June 01, 2011
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