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The overthrow of the current establishment, by dissidents within the government.
Dude 1: "Did you guys hear that General Pinochet died?"
Female: "Didn't he start the coup d'état back in the 70s?"
Dude 2: "Yeah, I'm not sorry that guy is dead, had my uncle killed."
Dude 1: "Fuck your communist tree loving fag uncle."
by Joseph L December 10, 2006
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1. When Napoleon and two directors took over the French Government, that was a coup d'etat.
by imatease November 07, 2003
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a) when militia storm the government HQ and cease control of a country.

b) When a government is discredited by its' actions enough for them to be forced by thier people to hand over power, since no-one is listening to them
b) The house-arrest of Mikhail Gorbachev was ended by Boris Yeltsins' coup d'etat in which he campaigned against the USSR government of which he was a member with the people on his side and the military disobeying thier oders to prevent the people, thus securing the military on his side.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 02, 2004
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(GOVERNMENT) seizure of power by an armed entity, usually the army but sometimes the police.

Usually coups are perpetrated in countries with very weak governments, such as in West Africa, Bolivia, or Southwest Asia. They get progressively worse (i.e., more violent, more prolonged, and more repressive) until eventually some junta builds up protection against against the next coup. This is what happened in Iraq after 1979; it happened in Syria in 1973; it also happened in Japan in 1607. In other cases, the coup accomplishes its goals (Chile 1973) and retires as a PR move.

After a coup occurs, the military leadership is known as a junta.
Military coups are usually motivated by the personal ambition of the perpetrator; the central figure is usually very personally corrupt, as well.

Military coups are difficult to pull off and usually are nipped in the bud. Even with foreign assistance, they are hard, because they are a form of high-speed civil war.

Inter-class violence often comes with a coup d'etat.
by Primus Intra Pares July 11, 2010
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the machine gun shit you get after a night of drinking and eatint taco truck food, this shit is crucial...imagine a trumpet blowing out ground beef...the bang is definately bigger then the buck
Abdullah: Hey Sarah, whats crackin? why do you look tired so early in the morning?

Sarah: Dude, I was watchin the Cardinals game last night with the homies, we threw down hella beer and then got some mexican food from the TL...that shit did somethin funky to my stomach this ass took the 15th floor bathroom over this morning, it was like a coup d'etat...i went in there with a machine gun, and came out with no was modern warfare 2 in that motherfucker
by STREETLIGHTS February 26, 2010
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Physically picking a French person and smacking an important person to take over their business.
We wanted to take over AMC, therefore we marched to the CEO's office and hit him hard. After that, a french person walked by and we totally Coup d'étated the CEO with him.
by Giadeli December 08, 2010
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