Meaning, essentially bullshit. Out of this world shit. Lies, drama, things that don’t make any kind of sense at ALL.
Mom; Do you even love me anymore?

Me: Man, get outta here with that ‘country ass shit
by Niggalations 5:48 July 23, 2021
1when someone does something stupid
2 When something really blows
1Man I can believe that bitch dumped me thats some country ass maple syrup.
2Damn I can't believe we lost that game, thats some country ass maple syrup
by erein September 5, 2004
To beat someone's ass so severely that without even fighting as hard as you can, there is no doubt that your opponent is severely outclassed. This term is most appropriate when administered by someone who is from a rural area, especially when it's given to a nancy pants city boy.
Bo & Luke found the man from Atlanta who groped Daisy and gave him a good old fashioned country ass whooping.

In the state championship football game, East Podunk HS gave City Boy HS a good old fashioned country ass whooping. The score was 63-0. After the first quarter. Then East Podunk put in their first string.
by I love Liepaja November 9, 2010