A woman from 25-35 who likes younger men typically 18-24 but she isn't yet a full cougar until she reaches 35. She is fun and horny and loves to have sex with younger men.
Yeah I got me a cougar trainee she loves my young dick.
by ❤Heather🎀Rae❤ August 21, 2016
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A woman that you're dating that makes more money than you, is attractive and is older.

-Unlike a sugar momma, a sugar Cougar is actually still hot. 6/10th's of your boys would bang her!
-Bro your chick's old!

-Yeah, but she still looks bangin, plus my Sugar Cougar pays all my bills.
by ECO-AF July 28, 2018
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Not a milf, not a momma, but some middle aged divorcée with money to spend on a younger counterpart.
by Fonds Cheek Buster III November 19, 2019
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Sugar Cougar is the female equivalent of a Sugar Daddy. Sugar Cougar is an older woman who is in a relationship with a younger man and takes care of his expenses.
Man!! I can't believe my stepmom is also my sugar cougar.

by sickdickflip June 27, 2019
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Different species of girl who can be compared to a "Love Cougar" or various types of predatory lion. They prefer to prey upon their helpless younger adopted asian sister. Most of the time ending in death which is why the Mom has to constantly re-adopt asian children in an effort to reduce the population in China.
"Hey bro wanna hang out with Liz tonight?"

"Idk yet man, my mom said to watch out because she has an asain fetish. do you know what that is?"

"Oh yeah i heard she was a Liz-Cougar"
by BackseatBanger January 27, 2009
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a cougar that has done cocaine before you have sex with her
"man that sure is a cougar sugar"
by Nigherferb March 5, 2022
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