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Referencing a place where hot mom's shop for clothing, food, etc. For example. . . Costco is a great place to entrap a cougar. She's there to shop for the family, but damn there a a bunch of hot moms there.
Costco, Fred Meyer, and Safeway are all places where you could hit on hot moms. A good place to setup a cougar trap.
by The 503 Navigatior June 29, 2007
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When a women in the age range of 40-50 phrases a conversation in order to speed up the social process that leads to sex with a younger man.
Or when she uses verbal intimidation to get a younger man to sleep with her.

Sometimes it is a combination of the two if the young prey hasnt picked up on the first verbal sign the cougar has offered him glourious sexual fun.
She says "Thats to bad your a nice guy, nice guys are always terrible in bed"
He says "Oh i know im a good fuck"
She says "Then prove it"
This dialog is along the lines of a cougar trap
by The_Ecstatic1 October 30, 2010
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A trap for cougars set by a younger man who likes cougars, where typically he is the bait. The goal is sex with the cougar, but as the cougar is the hunter the guy needs to be the naive little bunny alone in the perfect cougar attack spot allowing her to pounce.
Rob: hey Josh, let's go to another club.

Josh: nope, you go, I'm going to the bar next to that cougar to get a drink and without noticing her I'll casually mention how my lame friend went home early and left me here alone -- cougar trap baited...
by Cougar Hearter January 31, 2011
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