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The Theater/Music/Kids who don't shower, who reside in the Grand View University student centers on the couches.

The Trends of the Stereotypical Couch Dweller
-General Dirty Look/Lack of Hygiene

-Have Horrible Haircuts/Style
-Have No Social Cues or No Verbal Filter
-Talk About Sexual Things Constantly
-Enjoy Quoting Horrible Movies
-Are involved in all the clubs that promote diversity and including people, yet are very judgmental and not very inclusive
-The men dwellers enjoy putting down the woman dwellers and using slang against them
-Dwellers have spent at least one night in the GVU Student Center Couch area
-Enjoy D&D and other Role Playing Video games and are most likely involved in L.A.I.R.E (See movie Role Models)

The Dwellers have named themselves "The Circle"

If you walk within twenty feet of the dwellers prepare for the sexual slang and curse word you will hear

The Dwellers will try and suck your soul if sit in their area, beware of spells that they will curse on you and of the foul odor they well send your direction

Scientists have been debating on the origin of the couch dwellers for centuries, but the majority of them agree that they came from abyss that is a High School Band room
Check Out The Dwellers

What is that smell, ohhh its the Couch Dwellers

What the Dweller!?!
by Concerned GVU Citizen September 28, 2011
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A person who, buy there own choice, has no one place to live but "stays" with different friends and relatives usually until the welcome is worn out then moves to a different couch.
We will never be able to track this guy down because he's a couch dweller.

Don't write the bond on that guy as he is obviously a couch dweller.
by The King of Dinner Time September 14, 2014
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