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The process of becoming intoxicated at a party while remaining within the confines of a couch. The couch does one of two things; the first is that it enhances and disguises the level of intoxication until one gets up to go to the bathroom, to break the seal (not recommended), and the true level of drunkenness is exposed.

The second and perhaps the most useful aspect of being couch drunk is the way girls view you. As opposed to being that creeper dude trying to fuck anything that moves (skaggs), you simply display yourself as one who does not care about anything. especially bitches. That act of ignoring is the very thing that draws them in.

"Yo What you doing tonight" "Shit just headed over to the house getting mad couch drunk" "word"

"ay is your girl coming out with you tonight?" "na man just looking to get real couch drunk"
by TCPcouchdrunkcrew August 29, 2011
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