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Cotto'ed is an adjective that describes getting: destroyed, wrecked, demolished, beaten, annihilated, crushed, obliterated, slaughtered or otherwise brutally harmed beyond recognition. Similar to Miguel Cotto's face after he fought Antonio Margarito, who used gloves illegally filled with cement.
Buck:"yo Sam I heard this cat Jason got Cotto'ed, you know what happened?"
Sam:"Yeah man he got Cotto'ed big time. He was talking all this junk about God saying he didn't exist and stuff. The outta nowhere the dragon from the Hobbit (Smaug) came out of the sky breathed fire all over him then ate him.
Buck: "Damnnnn he got Cotto'ed to the max!"
Sam: "yeah forreal, that's why you don't blaspheme ."
by cortez7 October 12, 2016
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