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General Cossack Manouvre:
The act whereby Cossack moon's anyone. Often commited at cossack party. The effect of this will often blind anyone looking at Cossacks now shining white arse.

Advanced Cossack Manouvre:
As above but done while singing Bohemian Rhapsody or 500 miles. Alternative: done while giving piggyback ride to friend.

Stealth Cossack Manouvre:
Taking photos of ones genitals in a room full of people. On someone elses digital camera. With no one noticing. Often has the added effect of taking genital photo(s), three or four general photos then secondary genital photo(s) to stun as they think its safe to look again.

Hanging Cossack Manouvre:
Hanging ones bare shining arse over the edge of your bed to moon someone lying there. Requires some balance and accomplace to operate light when in correct position. Also known as the Rising Dawn and Hanging Gardens of Cossack.

This Manouvre often results in the phrase: "Oh my god the light, the LIGHT!" being yelled
Dark Room full of people.

Execute General Cossack Manouvre from vantage point.

Cossack: Someone turn on the light please...

Panic ensures.
by Beryl Ubergirth September 24, 2005
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