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Cossack Party is an effect that involves the drinking of vast quantities of liquor at "Cossack's House". This can also be done on tour, whereby "The Usual Suspects" are at another location and start drinking. Often if a Party is deemed to be boring, a Cossack Party will be declared and the party may be then saved.

Can also include photos of genitals.

Requirements: Usual Suspects, DAB Beer Steins, Vodka, Absinthe, Meowing at CheckoutChicks, Bohemian Rhapsody and Wasdrogan
Guest to Host:"I a Cossack Party 'cos I didn't know anyone here"

"Hey Cossack, lets throw a Cossack Party"

"Hey Cossack I am coming down for the weekend."

"We haven't drank in three weeks"
by Beryl Ubergirth September 24, 2005
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