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A shapeshifter who usually takes the form of a fictional character, but can appear in any form. Their most common habitat is in a convention or "con," but can also be found in the wild, although it is rare. They communicate by "junko posing" and although it looks confusing, it can be mastered with observation and practice.
It's a wild cosplayer! Quick! Lure it with a lace front wig and catch it! We must bring it to the church!!!!!
by Ash Winters August 03, 2019
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Sam: Wow, I can’t believe we just won that relay race!
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a person who dresses up like a character from a manga or anime series, a movie, a videogame, etc
see cosplay
"dude, look at that naruto cosplayer"
by Felipe.SudokuX October 11, 2008
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Shapeshifters initiated with the sacrifice of all of their money and sanity. They transform into characters they live and sometimes even hate to entertain themselves and others.
"Oh god, a cosplayer hopefully they dont approach us."

"Does anyone wanna commission me for a wig?"
by ToasyBean October 30, 2019
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