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His personality is extremely spicy. He's perfect in every way, especially his luxurious skin. He's a beautiful person inside and out. This man is amazing and if you have him, keep him. He's respectful and will treat you right. he's selfless, fearless and caring. His body is beyond stunning. He's a blessing to this crappy world. He can be a bit weird at times, most of the time, but who isn't? He has beautiful eyes and amazing hair. He's tall and gives great hugs. He's also got a nice butt, he's got more botty then half of the world population, Honey THICC.
person 1: damn, who's that?

person 2: It's Cosmin, he's new and hot as hell.

person 1: He seems cool. I should talk to him.

person 2: Hey!! I was going to talk to him.

person 1: *Runs*
by bare naked cucumbers May 28, 2018
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The name of the ruler of the world, the one and only G.O.D.D.
Cosmin is a big fan of Slash and G'n'R and he is the G.O.D.D.
by Cosmin August 05, 2004
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Hot male person, usually males are attracted by him too
Oh my God, he is such a Cosmin,i would marry him.
by NakedPickle February 20, 2018
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