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Cortlandt Manor is indeed part of one of the wealthiest counties in the nation but yet somehow fails to find the money for its own police department. Also, the road in front of my house needs to be paved. :(
Come to think of it, if OJ had done it here in Cortlandt Manor, NY, they probably still wouldn't have found the body.
by Jasonius September 08, 2006
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A reasonably large town that manages to hold some of the wealthiest people in Westchester county but contributes nothing to society other then a small resteraunt that recently went out of business and a Town Center that's actually located in Mohegan Lake. The Town Center itself is nothing to be proud of because it mearly harbors the towns social and scholarly rejects who cannot find a better way to entertain themselves on any night of the week then hang out in front of Barnes and Noble and get messed up on whatever drugs they can find. Rich socialites who can't afford to live in Bronxville or Chappaqua move here thinking it will be a good place to raise their children. Obviously they are greatly mislead. This town is better defined as the Boondocks of upper westchester.
Man, I don't feel like driving to Cortlandt Manor. I really don't want to hit a deer or a deranged druggie.
by CTCGOD August 23, 2005
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