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A very common "Coven Name" amongst those who belong to the religion known as "Wicca".
Typically adopted by female members of any given Coven, a Corralihn (or Corra, for short) tend to be petite in stature, bull headed, and have a strong sex appeal that they sometimes claim to be completely unaware of. They are often manipulative, yet also very submissive and will quickly adopt what can be viewed as "mainstream teenage trends" to simply fit in (i.e. claiming to be bisexual in order to get guys, cutting themselves to garner a reputation of being 'crazy', etc).

In other words: hot, yet very psycho.
Ex 1.
Corralihn: So, what do you think of this new AWESOME band, System of a Down? Aren't they the hottest?!
You: I think they suck, actually.
Corra: Oh! Me TOO!

Ex 2.
Corra: So I cut myself last night, and it bled EVERYWHERE.
You: ....How much?
Corra: ALOT! Let me assure YOU!

You: Wow. Perhaps I should take you to a hospital then? Can I see the cut?
Corra: NO NO just kidding it wasn't THAT bad, haha!

Ex. 3
You: So while I was in the city, I passed by this BDSM place, and-
Corra: BDSM is so HOT. I would love to try it with someone.
You: .....Wanna go out?
Corra: Wanna get whipped, asshole?
You: *kinda*
by Mortimer_Khan May 10, 2010
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