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1. One who serves a corporate entity (rather than just working) to extremes who willingly, knowingly and carelessly violates peoples rights, commits fraud, causes harms and dangers and generally bows down to a false authority created by an unhealthy allegiance to their paycheck masters.

2. An ignorant slave to a corporate power who sacrifices moral integrity to gain money, power or prestige.

3. Law enforcement personnel who define themselves as "Police" rather than "Peace" officers.

4. Any person who believes that their job gives them a right or the power to abuse or advantage others.
The airport public relations representative acted like a true Corporate Clown even in the presence of a peace officer informing him he was wrong in trying to exceed his power and exercise authority he did not have, while protecting the rights of citizens handing out TSA opt-out fliers to travelers.
by infowarrior DD November 28, 2012
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