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The Cornish conspiracy theory is claimed to be a long-running conspiracy by the English establishment to suppress Cornish people of their rights, identity and autonomy. It is claimed that the main reason why the Cornish are being denied recognition of their identity is to prevent any public debate or official enquiry into the constitutional status of Cornwall regarding the Duchy of Cornwall, sometimes referred to as the "Cornish Question". Historians point to the fact that in 1508 the 'Charter of Pardon' was granted by Henry VII to give Cornwall (Kernow) a legal right to its own Parliament and the 1858 Cornish Foreshore Case confirmed that the Duke of Cornwall is considered to be a quasi-sovereign within the Duchy of Cornwall territory (Kernow). In 1971 The Kilbrandon Report into the British constitution recommended that when referring to Cornwall official sources should cite the Duchy not the County and in 1977 Plaid Cymru MP Dafydd Wigley confirmed in Parliament that the Stannators right to veto Westminster legislation is still valid today.
'Ere, I reckon it's that there Cornish conspiracy theory again - what they doin' about that 50,000 petition for more autonomy, that there Cornish Census tick box, more money for a proper Cornish language and recognition as a proper indigenous ethnic group with the Council of Europe ? matter do 'ee ?
by Hywell June 19, 2008
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