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A variant of mixture of dialects composed of "Crap" and "gee I'm too lazy to find that key",used to convey information that means nothing and oft has sexual overtones with a Oedipus twist.

Whilst appearing in the mid nineties, it has been rumored that a large balding individual who apparently was reminiscent of the the cartoon book guy from the Simpsons, actually created it to communicate with people of a similar interest. Unable to find links to the popular German sites that involved "Fisting", "Bukkake", and parental sexual involvement, the individual stumbled into a small motorcycle site (see - Machines of death) in Australia.

The ramblings begun the dialect and although directly conveying little meaning to most discussions the translations of the communiques caused much mirth, and as such the truncated and garbled fashion of typing was
slowly migrated into another format, (see - SMSing, Texting of crap).

Reference material -

@WAR forums - 1992 onwards
Playschool - Forming words.
West Australian goverment - any session, post 1990.
Est. 2009, "eheh got any hands free time at the mo"
Est. 2008, "oh yeah i felt like santa clause at the end , fark i'd even emptied my sack "
Est. 2007, "i dont mind , tho as im going beed heading south next weekend prolly like to keep it nor"
Est. 2006,"actually i think i could have paid every mdh bill ever which the the money from the depriciateninja :-) "
Est. 2005,"fudge-packing mincing nancy boy excess"
Est. 2004,"wots a geetar ?????? "doof doof doof" ;-) "
by bttlmstr June 15, 2009
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