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A person who becomes overly flirty, touchy-feely, and affectionate with another person after drinking too much wine; making the other person think they will be engaging in physical activities; when ultimately, no chance exists.
Allison and I got wasted in Central Park after we split two bottles of red. I was totally gonna make out with her, but it turns out she’s nothing but a cork tease.
by Boat the Rock October 15, 2018
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Someone who always promises to open up a great bottle of wine but never does.
She kept telling me how great the wine was but wouldn't open a bottle, she's such a corktease
by Drinktionery January 26, 2012
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Someone who constantly talks about the wine he or she will open but never does.
My friend is such a cork tease! He always talks about that $50 bottle of cabernet we will drink, but I'm still waiting.
by Rickster17 August 23, 2011
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