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Intel's dual-core successor to the Pentium M. Previously codenamed Yonah, the Core Duo is a processor designed specifically around performance-per-watt - in other words, trying to produce an energy-efficient CPU that does not compromise severely on speed. As such, it has replaced the PowerPC G4 processor in Apple's Powerbooks (now called MacBook Pro) as part of Apple's widely-acclaimed switch to Intel processors and the X86 architecture. Core Duos will also be used by major computer manufacturers in their laptops, and can also be found in Apple's new iMac Core Duo.

The Core Duo will soon be replaced (Q4 of 2006) by Intel processors Conroe and Merom, which will be 64-bit chips with similar energy savings as the Core Duo but boasting more cache, improved performance and less heat production.
My MacBook Pro with Core Duo processor total smokes your PowerPC G4.
(second person) Yeah, but I don't need to emulate PPC apps in Rosetta!
by the_juice February 22, 2006
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