The style "Copy and Paste" are females who have a bunch of hairs on to make their hair look messy, many people call them Hedgehogs or Porcupines because of that. Some of them are rude and some are nice. Many people dislike them for 'Online Dating', most people think that all of them 'Online Date' but only some do, they might like to 'date' males who have the style called Slenders.
Random person: "omg, look a hedgehog!"
random person 2: "lmfaooo, imagine being an Oder."
Random person: "Why are Copy and Pastes so toxic"
Random person 2: "ikr"
by Gr44yc3 June 11, 2021
A pixel girl from the online game ROBLOX who loves playing ragdoll engine, flee the facility, and adopt me. A lot act toxic but 1 in every 4 don't. Is an oder, especially with slenders (very tall roblox guys). Wears 7 hairs at once, 5 of them being boy hairs. Has slickfang, stitchface, or sinister. Always black hair. Very short.
Slender_0001: Ew a noob 🙄🥱 *pushes noob in ragdoll engine*
BaconHairGurl: :c
Slender_0001: Is that a Copy and Paste?
BaconHairGurl: Yes, why?
Slender_0001: She's cute. I wonder if I can ask her to be my girlfriend.
BaconHairGurl has left the game
by Aura Lunar uwu May 3, 2021
You can usually see Copy and Paste Girls on these two Roblox games Mocap Animations and Ragdoll Enigine. They look pretty similar. Here are some items they commonly wear: Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People, Black and Red, Clean Black Spikes, Overseer Oversleeper: Terrible Teddy, Black Demon Trident, Black Headband, Black Trendy Hat, Stitchface, It's Go Time!, Sinister, Slickfang, Man Legs, etc. Sometimes you can see them in Mocap Animations Dancing with a Slender(s)? Quick definition : You can also find Slenders in those two games, they dress pretty similar (stuffs that copy and paste girl wears but a little different), they are very tall...
Their's a Copy and Paste Girl there, dancing with a Slender for a Tiktok.
by 68x_9 August 4, 2020
Playing games like Mocap Animations, Ragdoll Enigine, Etc. (Roblox) These girls pretty much all dress the same, play the same games, and worst of all: Online Date. The people they date are called “Slenders.” A little bit on Slenders: They are very tall, All look the same, and pretty rude. (Note: People also refer to Copy and Pastes as “Ro-Gangsters.”)
Slender 1: Yoooo, are those some Copy And Paste Girls?
Slender 2: I think so dude!
Slender 1: Imma ask them out.
Slender 2: Ight, bet.
by Shrek the almighty July 6, 2020
It is were someone who knows nothing about a subject and just copies and pastes the first argument they see that agrees with them when they go on google. Regardless of the source not having any reputation at all like

Though these people normally have no idea what they are talking about nor have they researched the subject at all they will turn blue in the face defending it cause a youtube video said so.

These people generally believe themselves to be of a higher intellect, but come off as stoners who have not been sober for over 24 hours in years.

They will offended attack people on a personal level once their nonsense runs out, and say things like, "EDUCATE YOURSELF," or, "WAKE UP," in an attempt to make the opposite party feel stupid. They also repeat the same non facts again and again and claim they are facts regardless of evidence to the contrary.
"Oh my goodness Jack yes it does!! Just look it up. It even says in HR 3200 "a class II device that is implantable". Implantable RFID chips are a Class II device. An Implantable RFID chip is classified as a class II device by the FDA. You can look it up!! ObamaCare Facts, "There is no mention of a mandatory RFID implant in the Affordable Care Act, but there was in an early version of the law HR3200". HR 3200 included a section that allowed for data to be collected from all class II devices (which includes RFID chips). I'm repeating a simple fact over and over. Just go to and educate yourself." Jess says.

"Wow Krissy you got a serious Copy and Paste Complex!" Jack laughs.
by Yolo_McSwaggin August 15, 2014
A large community full of retards using bypassed decals, audios and curse words, they can easily infect many games and groups (Animations mocap and ragdoll engine for example) They walk in groups (about 3 people)
These creatures always roleplay having sex with their slender and other people they met. Telling them to stop will cause a huge butthurt from them and their retarded friends will come to protect them. They always lie about them online dating. They are very toxic and are ruining the roblox community, saying truth about them will cause them to raid you. They sometimes buy followers on roblox and tik tok to look famous like their idols. They also have a shitty style and they think its unique when almost everyone looks the same.
Oh look! its the Copy and Paste (Roblox) roleplaying having sex with their slender!

We better not talk to them since their retarted friends attack everyone who disturbs them.
by Benriegan February 22, 2021
(n). Someone, who sees something on the Internet, like a definition on urban dictionary, a Web site, a song lyric page, or any place where text can be copied and pasted to seem as if the paster wrote it himself.

Sometimes the copy and paster does it just to get electronically published.

What often results is that the Internet has not two, not three, but four, five, even more Web sites with the same information, and it is hard to distinguish who the genuine author is. It could be a kid, a law professor, the guy at Home Depot, etc.
When I looked up for information on my favorite rock band, I found three different sites with the same content. Two of the sites were made by a copy and paste author.
by boggler July 8, 2009