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"CopperCab" is the YouTube account of an 18-year-old red-haired American boy who rapidly rose to fame with his video, titled "GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!!", where he passionately ranted on the belief of how gingers people with pale skin, red hair, and freckles do have souls, contrary to the now popular joke that was started on a South Park episode Ginger Kids, where Eric Cartman insists that gingers do not have souls. A second video was posted shortly after, "ATTENTION HATERS!!", where he called out on all the negative comments his first video had.

CopperCab has received a great deal of negative attention for his attitude about "gingers". Many other YouTube users have claimed that he seems to believe that gingers are a separate race, and that he neglects to realize that while his "race" is just being called soulless, other races have been facing violent prejudice and intolerance for decades. Another quality in his videos is his tendency towards contradicting himself--he states that the teasing has gotten so bad, he has "contemplated suicide", and will also mention that "I'm ginger, and proud!", as well as claiming that insults and negative comments towards him and his videos don't bother him, yet he posts these heartfelt, passionate rants.

Of course, we all know the truth; that gingers really don't have souls, and CopperCab is really just a poor fool in denial.
"Dude, look at that ginger!"
"Man, he looks like that CopperCab kid!"
by dementiaHIGH January 21, 2010
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A Pissed Off Red-Head (Ginger) Kid On Youtube That Spits On The Camera While Yelling About Everyone Hating On Gingers Supposedly He Is Serious About Everything He Says From Gingers Being A Race To Yelling At His Mema (Grandma)
Some People Belief He Is Serious, But Others Believe He Is An Actor, Though He Aggressively States That He Is Not. He Also Claims Not To Be Dead, But Others Insist That He Is.
Kid 1: Dude, That Ginger Kid Coppercab Is Such A Douche Bag! He Actually Thinks Gingers Are A Race!

Kid 2: Dude, Your Such An Idiot! He's An Actor! Coppercab Is Fake And Gay!

Kid 3: ... I Heard He Passed Away The Other Day..
by ayeayeyo April 30, 2011
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