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Coopin {koo-pin}:

Coupon {q-pon} {koo-pon}
Hey, I got a bunch of coopins for the store. We'll save 20%
by Slacker1357 March 27, 2009
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When you hit the bar and see a group of gorgeous women all together doing their "girls night out thing"....Like hens in a chicken coop.
Fred: You gonna go talk to her?

Tom: Hell, nah. I'll wait til she's done COOPIN' so I'll have a chance
by Horror Story May 25, 2006
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When you are out partying or just hanging out and looking to hook up and have some fun. No personal ties, emotions, commitment, just straight hanging out and hooking up. Weather it's partying or just some 1 on 1 chilling, it's coopin'

Came from a couple of guys during high school after we were single decided to go party and hook up, so we created the word to go along with our mission to Coop.
"Lets go find some girls at the party and do some coopin'"

"I was coopin' and hooked up with a few girls last night"

"I was chillin at a friends house, just cooped"
by The Cooper April 19, 2009
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