The hottest short girl known as des that loves vinnie hacker and had a fanpage known as vinniehackersdaughterdes
Destiny Cooper. is such a cute girl that just needs love.
by Destiny cooper July 7, 2021
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The official title given to an undiagnosed medical condition suffered only by myself, the organ grinder of the Alice Cooper tribute band Gallus Cooper. It gets it's name from the initial onset of the illness, which came the day after my first ever rehearsal with the band. The condition has never improved since then and has only gotten progressively worse. After over 9000 blood sugar tests, 599 neurological examinations, 6 quadrillion medical questions asked and half of an MRI scan, doctors have remained stumped by such a puzzling medical case for centuries. The World Health Organisation have officially declaired it to be the biggest medical history the world has ever seen. Doctors say that there is no cure for the mystery condition, but certain practitioners may suggest that garlic cloves and an exorcism could prove to be an effective treatment.
Bandmate: "How long have you been ill?" Me: "Since my first rehearsal with you guys." Bandmate: "Holy shit, it's the Curse of Gallus Cooper!"
by Sean Of The Ded November 24, 2021
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A name for a amazing and handsome guy. I know he does not believe that he is perfect in every way but i know deep down he believes it well at least i hope he does because it is the truth. This guy has put up with my crazy annoying self for almost 7 months now. I love him with all my heart and I always will. I promise.

Dalton Cooper Carlisle you are perfect in every way i love you.
by SDB DALTON'S QUEEN October 3, 2018
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Obsessed with big life and the name wondy. Is princess killed everyone moved on. 4 years old tennis star. Tiger woods thinks so.
Hey is that Evie Cooper
Yeah she’s 4 and imprisoned her teacher
by I_love_milfs_as_well69 August 5, 2021
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Thomas Cooper goes for the hefty bags, he must be a fat chick thrilla
by The man Tommy C October 8, 2018
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Thomas Cooper goes for the hefty bags, he is a fat chick thrilla
by The man Tommy C October 8, 2018
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proposed gubernatorial-lieutenant gubernatorial ticket proposed by SC political consultants for Alan Wilson and Jordan Thomas Cooper
Wilson-Cooper 2026 will be the first racially diverse gubernatorial ticket in SC history.
by Coop Dupe January 21, 2020
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