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When a person gets so high/ drunk that they drift to another dimension. Most cases of "cooning" involve one person in the alternate dimension and a group of others trying to control said person. On rare occasions the "coon" needs medical attention, but more times than not, this is not the case.
"Last night I was at Landin's house smoking and Justin started Cooning/Coon all over the place. We tried to calm him down, but his mom came and got him anyway.".

"The more and more we smoked, we slowly started to see him start to Cooning/Coon, it was a disaster."
by I'm Cooning right now! October 15, 2011
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The fine art of knowing when to turn any situation into a funny one for your own personal benefit. This will however most of the time be at the expense of others and should/shouldn't be avoided at all cost.
D'Melle was cooning/coon at a church service and made everyone on the row laugh in the middle of the preacher/pastor talking. Cooning is a passion, a way of life. To be a coon one must fully immerse him/her self in the art.

-Coonery at it's best.
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by Senior Coon Squable January 13, 2017
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