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A medium- sized sunshine coast town inbetween rich as fuck Noosa and bogan maroochydore. People living in coolum are either surfers who are never not high , eshays who sell 'pikachus' , gangas who fuck any guy who is in a 10 ft radius to them, or elderly nannas with a wooden pole stuck up their ass 24/7. The guys who go to coolum high drop out by year 10 to 'take up their father's trade' and the girls post photos on their snapchat story of their underwear so far up their non-existent asses. I love Coolum, such a nice place :)
Jayn " hey cunr, wanna buy some Chu's?"

tren "nah, i might get caught by the pigs, i might do them at the next bush doof tho, just go around coolum tho, someone will defs buy them"
Jayn "ahhh, i love Coolum"
by sxckittendaddy February 20, 2018
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Columbus is just an all out 10 what a bloody legend. Always up for a mad sesh with the boys
If Coolums not there neither am I
by The biggest Jonny April 18, 2018
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