In a FPS where you pull the pin of a grenade and hold onto it till just before it explodes then tossing it at an enemy for a almost unavoidable frag. (If done correctly the grenade will kill that person but won't harm you)
That noob is Cooking the Grenade on me! the cheap ass hoe!

Private Jenkins: Yo tailor what are you doing with that grenade? toss it man!

Corporal Tailor: I'm Cookin it on sec, *Tosses the grenade at the enemy*


*Enemy flops dead into the soldiers foxhole*
by TattleTailes June 7, 2010
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Holding on to a turd for so long that the farts have to seep around the sides. (Trying not to shart)
Chris lucked out cooking a grenade when he farted around that turd!
by Not Chris S. December 4, 2009
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The things you throw at someone willing to catch a grenade for someone
That guy told his girlfriend he'd catch a grenade for i threw a cooked grenade and snatched her for myself
by SupremeBadassOverlord January 7, 2011
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